Our faculty are committed to teaching and creating a learning environment for our students as well as leading researchers and professionals in the field of Civil Engineering.

The STRENGTH Lab faculty have expertise in Structural Analysis and Design, Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis, Nuclear Safety Related Structures, Containment Structures, Steel Plate Structures, Cryogenic Structures, Sustainable Building Design, Progressive Collapse Analysis, Materials Modeling, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Evaluation and Repair, Forensic Engineering, Structural Materials, Concrete Materials Properties, Optimization of Concrete Mixtures for Performance, Sustainability through Concrete Materials and Construction, Pervious Concrete Pavements, and Bridge Engineering.


Stephan Durham, Ph.D., P.E.

Civil Engineering Materials and Testing

Concrete Materials and Structures

E-mail: sdurham@uga.edu

Mi Geum Chorzepa, Ph.D., P.E.

Large-scale Structural Tests

Structural Design and Analysis

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E-mail: chorzepa@uga.edu

1151 E. Whitehall Rd., Athens, ga 30605

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