26ft height clearance


The STRENGTH Lab is equipped to perform state-of-the-art research and testing services in the areas of concrete, steel, timber, and advanced materials.  

The high-bay structural testing area consists of a strong floor and wall providing capabilities for static, dynamic, and fatigue testing. 

A hydraulic pump provides pressure lines for hydraulic actuator connection.  The laboratory houses a strong floor (50ft x 30ft) and a L-shaped strong wall (26ft high) for testing large structural components as well as two heavy duty (15-ton) cranes, a forklift, a 26ft man lift, rebar bender, high performance pump system, three hydraulic actuators (two 220k fatigue rated and one 22k fatigue rated), a hand-pumped hydraulic jack (20-ton), a steel reaction frame and supporting steel members, (12 cubic foot) concrete mixers, LVDTs, string potentiometers, (50k) load cells, accelerometers, a data acquisition system, and a motion capture camera with 90 physical markers. 

The laboratory is also equipped with the required materials and equipment needed to conduct specialized testing on concrete. 

Testing capabilities include: concrete compressive strength, split-tension, modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity, freeze-thaw durability, dynamic modulus of elasticity, impulse velocity, and rapid chloride ion penetrability, unrestrained shrinkage, sulfate attack and alkali-silica reaction testing, and cement heat of hydration.. 


L-shaped strong wall & 6 ft thick strong floor.

 220k force transducers

Forklift and Cranes

1151 E. Whitehall Rd., Athens, ga 30605

Concrete Mixing Room

Load Testing Units